Custom Marine Cover

Boat Makeover – The Great White

The customer of this boat wanted it to have a complete cover makeover.

He came to us with some ideas after just purchasing the boat. Being a relatively tall guy the existing canopy was too low for him, and he also was keen to have covers made.








We started by designing a custom canopy for The Great White.

Our concept was to utilise his existing frame where we could, modifying it slightly to increase the height.

Using CAD technology we photographed the frame and drew in the new cover style to send for the customer’s approval. When it came time to fabricate, we created the canopy in the desired blood red colour.

Marine-Boat-ScreensA zipper opening was created to be able to see out in case of bad weather.

The canopy is able to fold down so that a cover can be put over the top.




A custom boat cover for superior protection

Custom covers were made to match the canopy in the blood red colour. Covers were made to protect the motors as well as the boat while on the road or in storage, and hi-vis panels were added to the rear to increase night-time visibility. The Great White is going to be hard to miss when it is on the road.


A custom boat cover allows for a nice snug fit which prevents any surprises in the boat when the cover comes off in the new season.

Then we won an award for it!

Because of the design and craftsmanship that went into this job we decided to submit it for the OFPANZ Awards in 2018, being one of the jobs we were most proud of for the year.

We were delighted to have won this award for marine fabrication, it was a fun job to do and we’re incredibly proud of our team because to win a national award is truly a team effort.

Have you got a boat that needs protection or rejuvenation?  Contact us to get your covers made – we’d love to discuss how we can turn your ideas into a quality custom solution.