Condensation prevention matting

Create a healthier environment for your caravan, motorhome or boat when you protect your squabs and mattresses with HyperVent.

Hypervent is a breathable 20mm matrix that creates an airspace below a mattress, or any other items, allowing warm air to circulate and condensation to escape, preventing moisture, mildew and odours.

Hypervent can be fitted yourself or we can install it for you in our Hastings workshop.

At Douglas we can sell it to you by cut lengths (freighted to anywhere in New Zealand) or as part of your camper upholstery refurbishment project with our team.

Key features of Hypervent

  • Hypervent® is a mattress protector that prevents dampness forming under foam mattresses in boats, motor homes, caravans, tiny homes aeroplanes, and even at home
  • It is made from a spun polymer which has been woven into a large breathable matrix – the fabric is approximately 20mm in thickness
  • The matrix is 95% open, meaning warm air can circulate within the space between your mattress and bed base
  • Long lasting product, so durable it will likely outlive your foam mattresses
  • Simple to cut with scissors if you are DIY’ing
  • Easy to maintain – almost zero maintenance required
  • Can be cut or fabricated to measure to suit almost any size or space
  • Freight to anywhere in NZ

At Douglas we have been working with this product for years for motor homes, caravans and boats and know that it works.

If condensation or mould is a concern in your space then we welcome you to enquire about Hypervent today.