Caravan area doubled with new awning enclosure

Caravan Awning doubles floor space Hawkes Bay

Installing an awning is usually a simple process.  Other times the job is bit a more complicated…

That’s when we get the chance to create a something really rewarding.  This was the case with this 1975 Lightweight Caravan awning project.

The project

The customer requested a Cvana awning be fitted along with a complete enclosure.  Because of the height of the caravan and restricted room about the doorway, we had to get make some adjustments and get creative.

The Douglas Innovation solution

To gain the needed height, we designed and fit an up-stand to the roof.  This allowed us to mount the new awning cassette and structure.

Once this challenge was solved, the next step was to design and fabricate a draught skirt and ground sheet.

With those completed and fitted we set to work completing the walls.

Once attached, the new ‘outdoor room’ added a huge area of 10.5 square metres of living space.

Matt and Jason worked on this together – with Matt supervising as this was Jason’s first caravan awning of this kind.

A great choice of striped fabric lets in some light and makes for attractive ‘indoor’ walls. From the outside, the timeless stripes suit the classic yellow and white caravan.

Beautifully crafted for a custom fit, this awning enclosure keeps the weather out while offering plenty of options when the sun is out.

Tell us about your project (and browse some of our motorhome and caravan work) and let’s explore your options. You name it, we’d love to customise and craft it. Get in touch.