Why we believe NZ Louvres to be the best Louvre Roofs in Hawke’s Bay

A louvre roof installation at Black Barn cottages Hawkes Bay

NZ Louvres are simply the best louvre roofs in Hawke’s Bay, in our humble opinion. Why do we believe this?

The reasons are many, from sustainability to how they look to how they function. NZ Louvres’ roofs not only complement your outdoor living but will also make your life easier.  Below we explain why we believe they’re Hawkes Bay’s best louvre roofs and why we think you will too.

Louvre roofs take the concept of a traditional pergola to new levels

Pergolas are freestanding structures made of columns and beams that usually cover an open area.  Traditionally, vines were grown for shelter and shade, or permanent covers were required, but these required a lot of maintenance and blocked out the view.

With an NZ Louvres opening roof, you can add the same attractive pergola element to your exterior but with far greater quality and functionality. Frames can be fixed to your building as an extension to your existing roof, ensuring a smooth plumb line.

In addition, technological advancements like automated blades enable outdoor experiences to be enjoyed all year round.  Another added advantage is that, with NZ Louvre roofs, you can also have the option to add side louvres panels or outdoor screens.  Thereby creating a whole new indoor/outdoor space.

NZ Louvres roofs are built to withstand and enjoy the Hawke’s Bay sun and rain

NZ Louvres are manufactured in New Zealand for durability and can be customised to fit your needs.  Just like this job we did for a client who wanted to maintain his view.

This louvre brand also offers the widest blade for custom-built roofs in the New Zealand market. A wider blade means a wider opening to the sky! Plus they can withstand a stormy Hawke’s Bay winter while remaining flexible enough to be closed when you need more light or airflow throughout your building during the spring and summer.

The strength of the structure and blades also means no rattling in the wind – something a lot of customers might not consider in the beginning.

Because NZ Louvres work so well on most structures, design options are almost limitless and can suit any style, even Art Deco, which is an obvious advantage in this region.

There are several benefits of an NZ Louvre Roof, including…

  • Louvre roofs can be adjusted to let in as much or as little light and shade as you want.
  • Rotating the blades will allow you to position them so that they block the sun at the right angle.
  • In-built guttering makes rainfall plumbing work in cohesion with your home, plus the downpipe is hidden inside the frame, allowing the architecture to make a statement unobstructed
  • A louvred roof can protect you from sudden downpours because as soon as it starts to rain, the louvres will close automatically. This is especially useful if furniture or other items are left exposed to the elements.
  • NZ Louvres offers all its customer’s remote controls and rain sensors for automated louvres as standard. However, there is also an option if you prefer a manual system.
  • High-tensile aluminium, designed for long-term strength and durability

They are the most sustainable louvre roofs available in NZ

Douglas Innovation is committed to creating a more sustainable future for our planet. We support many initiatives like the local environmental centre and the Red Cross curtain bank.

This is another reason we chose to work with NZ Louvres, whose aluminium supplier is committed to long-term environmental sustainability. Their remelt casthouse allows them to recycle scrap aluminium and provide better control over their products’ composition, making them the only aluminium extrusion company in New Zealand to do so.

In addition to having a high recycled content, they also have a low carbon footprint being Toitū Carbon Reduction Certified and Toitū Enviromark Diamond Certified.

NZ Louvres roofs in Hawke’s Bay are made from high-quality materials designed to last.  They come with a warranty of up to 20 years to support this claim.  Your louvres will last even longer with minimal maintenance if you follow the guidelines for care.

There are many options for customisation with an NZ Louvre Roof

At Douglas, our team are specialists with the NZ Louvres opening roof system and offer a wide range of options for any structure in Hawkes Bay, including:

  • Custom sizing to span spaces large and small
  • Connecting to your existing building or creating a free-standing structure
  • Ability to cover non-standard shaped areas including L-shaped patios and diagonal / narrowing spaces
  • Powdercoating in any colour your style desires, including mix-and-match frames and blades
  • Add Ziptrak® outdoor blinds and vertical louvre panels to your outdoor space to enhance your lifestyle all year long
  • An optional dimmable LED lighting system enhances patio visibility and ambience in the evening

You can benefit from the ease of use and flexibility NZ Louvres offers.

No matter the weather, you can enjoy life outside with NZ Louvres. In the summer, they keep your home cool while allowing fresh air in, and in the winter, they keep your home warm while keeping out the wind and rain. NZ Louvres are easy to clean and maintain due to their construction using aluminium material that won’t rot or rust like wood does when exposed outdoors for long periods without maintenance. Aluminium is also longer lasting than other alternatives such as polycarbonate.

Local Opinions Count!

What counts, though, is what our customers say about their experience of their NZ Louvres Roof and the experience with Douglas.  Like this review from Susan Dryden Havelock North.

“I approached Douglas Outdoor at the recommendation of my architect, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome (the addition of a fabulous NZ Louvres roof system to my outdoor area). The team at Douglas were so pleasant to deal with. They communicated very clearly about the product, the pricing and the timing. The process proceeded exactly as they had outlined. The installation guys were just lovely and really knew their work. Douglas were in touch again after the job was completed to check that I was happy with everything. Great service!”

It is a common occurrence for our customers to be so pleased with our louvres that they are happy to provide testimonials or even open up their homes for the occasional customer to come and have a look. This kind of endorsement says it all.

Are you convinced?

Now you can see why we believe NZ Louvres to be the best Louvre Roofs in Hawke’s Bay. We enjoy working with this product and know them to be a brilliant way to improve your home and lifestyle.

We would love to chat with you to show you through the large range of options and once you’re ready, we offer free quotes with no obligation.

Visit our showroom today to sit under the louvre and see first-hand what we mean. You can contact us today or come see us in person.