An elevated outdoor living experience, all ready for the owners to move in to their new build home in Havelock North. With a louvre roof & screens encasing the fireplace area, the space is fit for enjoyment and weathering the elements.

Louvre roof on fireside deck installed by Douglas Outdoor Living Solutions

Havelock North, Hawke’s Bay, NZ


Our clients were constructing a new home in Havelock North and wished to transform their outdoor deck into a functional and stylish living space that could be enjoyed no matter the weather.

They were interested in a louvre roof with clear PVC screens to cover the deck and fireplace area, aiming to protect the space from wind and rain without obstructing their views out to the wooded area.

As they were building their brand-new home, the clients wanted the final product to align with their vision and high-quality standards.

We are grateful to our clients for allowing us to take these photos and showcase this project for your inspiration.

The Louvre Roof

Known for its quality and capacity for customisation, our NZ Louvres roof was chosen for the project.

The louvre roof structure needed to work in with the building’s features and style of the new build. In order to achieve this we worked closely with the award-winning builder and the client to design, specify, and install a louvre roof frame that would align to the millimetre.

The roof system needed to cover the entire space, right to the deck edge, and provide a weather proof roof that could be opened to enjoy the sun.

The Screens

With the wide opening from the deck to the garden, and to maximise the views, it was important to have a single post supporting the centre of the louvre roof. Each clear PVC screen on this side was specified at 3.1m wide to cover the space on each side.

Additionally, genuine Ziptrak® blinds have the narrowest spline on the market, meaning maximum visibility from the outside in.

To create a full enclosure from the elements, an innovative solution was needed for the gap above the fireplace wall. For this we recommended one single 4.8m wide screen (at just 0.9m high) to close off the space and keep out any draughts. Cleverly, being a blind this could also be opened to let in cool air or let out heat from the fire also.


Once the louvre roof was installed, final measurements were taken for utmost accuracy and the screens were designed and installed.

The Ziptrak® blinds were fabricated locally in our workshop and custom-powdercoated by Pacific Powdercoating. The Clear PVC used is a long-lasting, Fire-Rated PVC for durability and safety – it is this level of peace of mind that our builds at Douglas that we never compromise on.

The screens were face-fixed to the front of the louvre roof beams, with tracks on the outside of each post face for easy operation. We used a fully enclosed Ziptrak® track-guided blind system which has a spring-assisted roller for ease of use. The roller was also fully enclosed in a modern streamline pelmet system to maintain the home’s sleek design.

To ensure the client’s desire for clear sightlines and clean lines, the system was face fixed on the outside to render it invisible from the inside.

As can be seen from the PVC welding detail, great care has been taken by our fabricators to ensure clean lines and symmetry with the weld.

Tracks and rollers were mounted on the exterior of the roofing structure, giving the structure a seamless look. The exterior pelmets also complemented the home’s roofline, mirroring it in style and form.

Image credits: Tony Speakman Photography.

Through our attention to detail, the final result met all of our client’s requirements and we are happy to say exceeded their expectations. We are delighted to have worked with Trevor Mossman Builders again and look forward to doing so in the future.

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