The Key to a Dry and Comfortable Caravan or Motorhome

A motorhome with awning on a grey day

For many of our caravan, motorhome and boat owner customers, maintaining a dry and comfortable living environment can be a challenge.

If this is you, you’re not alone! Mould on mattresses and squabs is a surprisingly common occurrence, and is something that needs to be dealt with pronto.

It is usually inadequate ventilation that leads to dampness, mould, and an uncomfortable atmosphere. Additionally, extreme temperatures during different seasons can make the cabins excessively hot or freezing cold.

However, with the right steps and products, it is definitely possible to overcome these issues and enjoy a dry and cozy camping experience.

A few simple tips for combatting moisture

Wet weather brings increased challenges when it comes to moisture control. Daily activities like cooking, breathing, and wet clothing contribute to the already high humidity levels, especially during rainy weeks.

To address these issues without breaking the bank, our team offer these practical tips for you to consider:

Hypervent mattress condensation prevention on a caravan squab up close

  • Dehumidify: Investing in a dehumidifier can effectively extract excess moisture from the air, helping to maintain optimal humidity levels within the caravan or motorhome.
  • Seal Leaks: Patching hairline leaks and sealing window or porthole leaks is crucial to prevent water infiltration. By ensuring a watertight interior, you can significantly reduce the risk of dampness and mould.
  • Hypervent: One effective solution to ensure proper ventilation in storage areas and berths is by using Hypervent. This innovative product creates a breathable barrier between your belongings and the surface below, allowing air to circulate and preventing moisture buildup.
    At Douglas we have this leading product on-hand and can sell it by cut lengths (freighted to anywhere in New Zealand) or as part of a camper upholstery refurbishment project.

  • Ventilate: Keeping the air circulating is essential to prevent mould formation and expel moist air. Open windows and use vents whenever possible to promote airflow throughout the caravan or motorhome.
  • Insulate: Insulating surfaces plays a vital role in preventing condensation on cool surfaces. Focus on insulating areas like the roof, as it creates a barrier between warm, humid air and cold surfaces, reducing the chances of condensation.
A motorhome by a lake in NZ

  • Cooking: Consider reducing or avoiding cooking foods that generate steam, such as pasta, rice, and sauce reductions. It’s best to cook with minimal steam-producing methods to help control humidity levels inside the caravan or motorhome.
  • Laundry: Instead of drying wet clothes inside, opt to hang them outside to drip dry. This will prevent additional moisture from entering the living space.

We hope these tips can help you enjoy your travels without the worry of dampness, and embrace a cozy and dry living environment throughout the year.

By implementing these practical steps, including investing in products like Hypervent, you can effectively combat moisture, prevent mould growth, and maintain optimal ventilation.

We are happy to answer your questions and talk through the options to help your particular scenario.

Talk to our team if you have questions or ideas for your camper, boat, or pleasure-craft – our experienced craftspeople know what works and are always keen to chat about material options, designs and ways to improve your experience.

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