A simple poolside umbrella install evolved into a matching deck awning for the balcony too.

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Havelock North, Hawke’s Bay, NZ


What began as a simple umbrella installation for the poolside quickly evolved into a comprehensive shading solution for our clients, involving both a retractable awning for the upper storey deck and a high-quality umbrella.

The Umbrella

For the poolside area, the clients sought a sturdy, cantilever umbrella that could rotate to provide flexible shade throughout the day, ensuring maximum comfort during warm summer evenings.

The Awning

The clients needed a way to maximize the enjoyment of their north-facing upper storey deck, which was often too hot to use during the summer months. They wanted an integrated sunshade solution that would seamlessly blend with their high-end architectural property, without detracting from the stunning views.


We knew that a Shade7 Riviera Umbrella and Llaza Modulbox retractable awning would be the perfect solution for our clients. The RECacril canvas in Charcoal Tweed was customized for both the awning and umbrella, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic throughout the property.


RECacril canvases offer high levels of UV protection, with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of up to +80. The fabric also has a unique finishing that offers awesome repellency to water and dirt, dimensional stability, and durable colour strength over the life of the product.


The Shade7 Riviera Umbrella is an unparalleled cantilever – hugely strong and so versatile with tilt and a full 360° rotation.

A Llaza Modulbox retractable awning was ideal for the upper storey deck, as it could be extended when needed and retracted when not in use. Bracket fixing to an exposed parapet required careful planning. Our client dug out some photos of the 1983 build, providing details most are not usually lucky enough to have on hand!


Installing the 5-meter-long awning was a challenge due to its weight and the accessible balcony, but our team successfully hoisted and secured it to the parapet. To ensure the awning remained protected from the elements, a fully enclosed cassette was used, which also allowed it to blend seamlessly with the home’s architectural lines when retracted.

All work was completed to WorkSafe requirements, including Working at Heights. The Douglas team also has a SiteWise Green accreditation for Health & Safety onsite.

This was a fun installation for our team and it was a huge compliment to be invited to do both the umbrella and the deck awning to match.

European-designed, Llaza awnings offer the expertise from a part of the world that does awnings like no other.

Shade7 umbrellas, conversely, are NZ Designed, utilising local knowledge of our sun, wind and marine elements.

At Douglas we offer localised solutions, using global and local knowledge to help you achieve an enduring result.

Image credits: Tony Speakman Photography.


This Havelock North installation demonstrates the power of pairing awnings and umbrellas to create multi-level sun protection solutions, enhancing the comfort and functionality of outdoor spaces.

At Douglas we specialise in creating custom and integrated solutions, with products to match your unique requirements.

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